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About Us


We are a family business with a high responsibility and great enthusiasm for what we do.  

We have 10 years' experience of working in both in London and Spain providing a wide range of refurbishing and maintenance services. We specialise in major and cosmetic repairs including but not limited to painting, tiling, bathroom renovations, flooring, woodwork, professional cleaning, design advice and handyman services. 

​We are more than pleased to help and make a change in your home. The work will be completed solely by us to the highest standard, without consulting or involving any external companies or specialist. 

Our family business



Our core values are, work professionally and passionately. That means we will respond to all enquires quickly, offer fair prices and will finish the work completely to a high quality.

If we happen upon any additional small necessary corrections during the work, we will simply solve them without any further cost.  

​We only focus on one project at a time which allows us to give our customers the attention they deserve and helps meet deadlines.


​After every project we take care about the cleanliness, and ensure we leave the area ready to use. 

Our little business is in London. Areas we serve:

- Merton;

- Wandsworth;

- Hammersmith & Fulham;

- Chelsea & Kensington;

- Southwark.

For better communication - we speak English, Spanish, Russian and Latvian.


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